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This programme offers Next Generation members internships (for a period of one to twelve months) to gain experience in another family business in another country.  It’s a great way to learn before you take up a position in your own family business.  You can decide either to deepen your knowledge in a similar business field to your own, or explore new areas such as manufacturing, private banking, insurance or retail.
You can also choose to strengthen your experience in your current business field or broaden your skills in new functions such as management, marketing or sales.



As a next generation member you should make sure that you have a good exposure to businesses other than your own family business.
In order to prepare for future leadership roles, experts and senior owners strongly recommend gaining external awareness by travelling and learning from other family business.

If you are in need of more convincing;  What part of the world do you desire the most? Our current offers can take you almost anywhere, from Asia to Middle east to America to Europe.

What job experience would add value to your current situation, and look great on your resume? How does it sound to work in Gulf Bank, one of the largest leading banks in Kuwait, or Mezzan Holding CO, one of the leading food and beverage and FMCG conglomerates in the Middle East, or maybe working as a Summer Camp Counselor with DEC Group, where you can expect breathtaking views and the opportunity to be part of a very creative and international young team, with the rewards of working with children?

This is just a small bundle of what you can find on our new platform, containing 30+ offers to date!

Most importantly; do you realize the immense benefit of working within another family-company? Building long-lasting relationships with other family-business owning families across borders. Get new work experience from a company in a similar situation to yours. Experience the dynamics between other family members within their company, and see how they work together. Broadening your network of friends around the world. Working close up with another family-business facilitates special encounters, higly relevent for any family-business member. It is a privilege and a unique chance to work in another family business, made possible for our members through our internship program.

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You can go for a Summer Internship that usually lasts between 1-3 months during summer, where you can get an overview on the business and to explore several departments.

You can also shoot for a job experience that usually lasts between 3 months and one year.  It is perfect for those who have just finished their studies and are looking for a 1st job experience outside their own family business – they seek to deepen their knowledge and work on a defined project.

Internships are primarily a way to gain experience and this is reflected in the level of payments, which range from a living allowance to a small salary. The programme leaves conditions to be flexible, as it works best when the host company agrees them with the intern.

Interns appreciate the support of hosts in finding and settling into accommodation. In the past, some interns have stayed with the owning family and others have stayed in rented flats recommended by the host company.

Interns are usually between 18 and 30. Many are students or recent graduates aged 20-22 looking for vacation projects. More often their primary aim is to gain experience and discover new cultures. Some interns are in their mid- to late-20s and are taking a break between assignments to broaden experience beyond their own family’s business and seek for a better understanding of how other family businesses works.