The FBN NXG International Program, works by matching Host Family Businesses that are members of FBN, and FBN NxG Members that are interested in international internships in family businesses other than their own.


To become an intern, FBN NxG Members create an account to gain access to up-to-date offers created by hosts that are FBN Members.

  • All offers can be viewed here.
  • More information about how to become an intern can be found here.
  • Interested intern candidates may begin their journey by signing-up in here.


To become a host, FBN Members create an account and then fill the FBN Internship Host Offer Form, which is quite straighforward and flexible, allowing for the host company to create an offer with ease.

  • All offers can be viewed here.
  • More information about how to become a host can be found here.
  • Interested hosts may begin their journey by signing-up in here.


The internship program offered through FBN might be one of the greatest opportunities for NxGs in your chapter since its one of the most immersive experiences a member can go through. You play a very important role in making sure that the whole community is aware of the program and its benefits.

We want to make the process of becoming a host and an intern much more comfortable for our users, by providing a better overview and enhanced user-friendliness. Host companies will have complete control over offers and levels of visibility, and interns will be able to see featured offers and testimonials from previous interns, among many other features.  In order for us to provide this good and ensure that the program continues to flourish, we are dependent on directors like you to help us get the message across: Become a host and become an intern and lets all contribute so the community can continue to grow and flourish!

There are tools that are prepared to empower chapter directors in presenting the FBN NxG International Internship Program in their local community and events.

  • Check the web platform regularly for news and new content.
  • Contact for additional requests.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new platform, which makes it much easier for possible and current hosts and interns. This opportunity is extremely valuable for our members, and mutually rewarding for both the host institutions and interns.


FBN NxG International Internship Program is managed by volunteering NxG members with a huge support from the FBN Community. The main focus of the team is to create tools for the host family business and intern candidates to find each other and to help move the process of an application to a successful internship.

Kindly notice that there are countless combinations for country of engaged parties and their expectations from the internship. Therefore, once an intern applies to an offer, the host and the intern are expected to figure out issues such as work permit, visa, salary, accommodation, together.

The NxG Internship Team is happy to work together with the parties in an application to share best practices and support the process.

Now is the perfect time to begin your journey!
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